NEET 2013 UG Paper Review

May 6th, 2013
NEET 2013 UG Paper Review
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With the first NEET examination coming to an end, students, their parents and enthusiastic academicians are eagerly waiting for the NEET 2013 UG Paper Review. Exams Corner in association with has approached experts in the field with over 10 years of teaching experience to know their views on NEET 2013 Paper. Already a copy of the NEET 2013 Question Paper with Key has been published on this website. A review of NEET 2013 in general terms as well as subject wise is described below.

NEET 2013 UG Paper Review

  • Majority of the questions are more similar to AIPMT test
  • Students of AP who prepared well for EAMCET can easily crack NEET
  • In most cases, questions of EAMCET are of more standard than NEET (except Chemistry)
  • There are few questions which have had ambiguity in the framing and thus posed difficulty for the students to choose an answer
  • Jumbling of questions, options as well as subjects is a welcoming decision to prevent copying

Check out NEET 2013 Question Paper and Key

NEET 2013 UG Review

NEET 2013 UG Zoology Review

In all, the questions given in NEET 2013 Paper of Zoology are quite good and many of the questions can be answered by a well prepared average student. The types of questions that have been asked are:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Statement Type Questions
  3. Two Table Match the following Questions
  4. Three Table Match the following Questions
  5. Sequence Type Questions

People expected Assertion-Reason type questions and Multiple Answer type questions which weren’t asked in NEET 2013. Most of the questions asked are based upon the thorough understanding of the concepts. Unless the student is familiar with that particular concept, he/she cannot answer it correctly. There was a very slight difference in the options for some multiple choice questions which made it difficult for the students to choose the right answer.

  • Questions related to immunology were peripheral
  • Questions from Genetics can be answered without the use of any rough work
  • Questions related to Evolution required keen observation to attempt correctly
  • Questions related to Endocrine system are purely knowledge based
  • Questions from Animal Diversity are relatively easier to answer
  • Questions from Pollution can be answered with simple common sense

Although students of Andhra Pradesh didn’t get a chance to study NCERT syllabus for a complete year, yet they could do the paper well with the minimum time that they got to refer those books.

Reviewer is Mr. C. S. Sai Babu, Senior Zoology Faculty at Sri Chaitanya MPL Academy, Gosala

NEET 2013 UG Botany Review

  • The question paper standard was more or less equal to that of AIPMT
  • All the questions are easy to answer but are concept oriented
  • 23 questions are taken from 1st Year and rest of the questions are from 2nd Year
  • Question designing is very much upto the mark and reachable by the student
  • A merit student can complete the paper in 35 to 40 minutes while a mediocre student can do it in 45 to 50 minutes
  • Common names of plants are frequently used than their botanical names throughout the paper
  • 42 questions out of 46 were from NCERT syllabus
  • Comparative study is required to answer few questions
  • Form of the question is very simple when compared to the EAMCET Pattern
  • The NEET 2013 Botany Paper required less time to answer than that of previous EAMCET Papers
  • Diagrammatic questions (8 in number) were given in both Zoology and Botany from NCERT Text Books (ER, Telophase etc)
  • 5 Questions are from interrelated topics
  • 80% of the questions are theory based while 20% are application oriented
  • A confident grip on the following topics can keep the students at the top along with other topics
    • Plant Kingdom
    • Plant Physiology
    • Morphology
    • Biotechnology
    • Cell Biology

In all, for a student who is serious about his preparation for EAMCET 2013 can easily get through NEET 2013. The question paper standard of NEET 2013 is not difficult than AP’s EAMCET papers

Reviewers are Mr. Visweswara Rao & Dr. P. Satish, Senior Botany Faculty at Sri Chaitanya MPL Academy, Gosala

NEET 2013 UG Physics Review

  • But for 2 to 3 questions, the rest of the paper is much easier than EAMCET Standard questions
  • Overall, about 2 questions were ambiguous, thus making it a difficult choice to select an answer
  • 19 questions were from Junior Intermediate
  • 26 questions were from Senior Intermediate

Students with the right amount of cautiousness and concept can easily get upto 40 marks in NEET 2013 Physics

Reviewer is Mr. K. Ravindra Kumar, Dean and Senior Faculty Member of Physics, Sri Chaitanya MPL Academy, Gosala

NEET 2013 UG Chemistry Review

  • In all, the paper is good and scoring
  • 24 Questions were from Junior Intermediate
  • 21 Questions were from Senior Intermediate
  • Questions from Organic Chemistry were straight, simple and linked to basic concepts
  • Questions from Inorganic Chemistry were memory based and scoring
  • Physical Chemistry questions were application oriented and good preparation can fetch students marks easily

Reviewer is Mr. B Narayana Reddy, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Sri Chaitanya MPL Academy, Gosala

Disclaimer: The views mentioned by experts on NEET 2013 UG Paper are their own thoughts. Either Eduron e-Learning Pvt Ltd or any of its derivatives does not endorse these opinions as that of the organization’s opinions. No claims in this regard shall be entertained.

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